Alvaldi for Azure IoT Edge

Alvaldi is tightly integrated with Azure, making installing the
client, managing devices, and billing as easy as possible.

How it works

The Alvaldi server synchronizes information with Azure, and lets you access your devices in a secure way.



Getting started with Azure

It's easy to set up Alvaldi for Azure users. Everything you need is outlined in these 4 steps:


Using Azure and Alvaldi together

Alvaldi fits well into your existing device fleet in Azure. It's easy to get started, comes with the functionality you need, and allows you to spend your resources on making your products better and your customers happy.

Edge module

The IoT Edge module enables installing Alvaldi in seconds, all from within the Azure UI.

Device sync

Alvaldi synchronizes devices with Azure. Devices automatically get added, approved, and deleted based on activity in Azure.

No config necessary

Alvaldi works in the browser - there's no need to install and configure terminal software on your machine(s).

Easy to use and maintain

Alvaldi is easy to use and well documented. Focus on your product, instead of maintaining your own remote access tool(s).