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Remotely troubleshoot your IoT fleet in a secure and effective way.

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Troubleshoot complex IoT
products at scale

As scale and complexity expands, OEMs and support teams need modern and efficient tools to resolve device issues.

Ensure customer satisfaction by quickly resolving issues

90% of consumers consider issue resolution as their most crucial customer service concern. Fix their problems quickly and keep downtime to a minimum.


Save costs by fixing problems remotely

Resolve issues without the need for a field engineer to travel on-site, or the customer sending the product back to you.


Easy to set up, get into the action quickly

The Alvaldi client can be installed in seconds and our UI makes it easy to find and troubleshoot devices.

Devices UI screenshot

See all devices at a glance

Search and groups allow you to find the device you're looking for. If you're using our Azure integration, devices from IoT Hub appear here as the device list is automatically synchronized.

Read about Azure integration
Terminal UI screenshot

Show a device and connect the terminal

The terminal enables running commands, both for investigating and fixing the problem. Alvaldi helps your troubleshooting, presenting relevant inventory information, and with file transfer you can upload scripts or download log files.

Audit log screenshot

Full logs, with session playback

All terminal sessions are logged. The audit log shows the time of a session, the user, and the device. Both input and output of the terminal is logged, allowing you to replay the full session directly in the UI.


Remote access done right

Easy to set up and use

Quick to install, with no complicated configuration files or setup steps. Everyone on your team can use Alvaldi from their browser.

Enterprise ready

With audit logs, multi-tenancy and RBAC, Alvaldi satisfies the security and compliance needs of large enterprises.

Security built in

No open ports. Reduced attack surface, strong encryption and authentication helps reduce the risk of device compromise.

Focus on your product

Homegrown solutions are costly to build and lack security & usability features. Alvaldi lets you focus on your own product.

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Trusted by Fortune 1000 clients for over a decade, managing millions of devices worldwide.

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